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UNCANNY X-MEN 22 page 2

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Magneto arrives at the canadian based Xavier school with the prone future of Dazzler who is on the brink of death, her light fading, having been used by Mystique as a source for her mutant enhancing drug--

Starring- Magneto, Emma, The Cuckoos, Ben Deeds, Goldballs, Tempus and Medik--

INKER--Tenacious Townsend!

MEDIA AND ANY OTHER NECESSARY DETAILS—Art is drawn with fabulous care and precision in ink on 11 X 17, 2 ply, Strathmore board.

CONDITION--Super clean!

PAYMENT—Paypal is great. We'll also accept MO's and Checks. Please inquire via the contact button. Please have payment completed within 10 business days of purchase.

SHIPPING—FREE in domestic USA! International shipping Europe and Canada $13. Asian nations $25. Your art is securely packaged in top of the line ULINE packaging in its own GERBER manufactured MYLAR sleeve. We ship within 10 business days upon receipt of payment. There may be delays in shipping to international destinations.

QUESTIONS--Please ask. Press contact button on the left. I'll get back to you ASAP!

Have a great day!